How to Reduce Acne in Teenagers

by Howard Nguyen

Acne is very common among teenagers. That’s why most searchable skincare topics for teenagers include acne or acne scar related. There are many factors that cause acne. Some of the main factors include:

  • Hormone changes: Androgens- a type of hormone that increases in girls and boys during puberty, will cause the sebaceous glands to be larger and make more sebum.
  • Diet: Certain diet with skim milk, carbohydrate-rich foods, and chocolate may cause acne.
  • Stress: Stress can affect hormones. Stress can’t cause acne but can trigger breakouts and make acne worse.
  • Medications: Drugs contain corticosteroids, testosterone or lithium may aggravate acne.
  • Genetics: Family history plays a role in acne. There is a tendency for acne to run in families.

The question is how to prevent and reduce acne, here are some suggestions:

1. Wash your face twice daily: It is recommended that you should wash your face twice daily to remove excess oil and impurities from your skin’s surface. Wash your hand first and use a mild facial cleanser. Do not use harsh and abrasive soap or use hot water to rinse off the cleanser. Treat your skin gently and never scrub your skin harshly.

2. Always moisturize: Since many acne treatment products contain ingredients that may dry off your skin, you should always use moisturizer which is safe for acne skin.

3. Use over-the-counter acne product: If your acne does not breakout, try acne products contain benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, lactic acid, or glycolic acid. These ingredients may cause drying so use with caution if you have sensitive skin or experience any irritation.

4. Apply sunscreen: The sun’s ultraviolet rays are the first cause of inflammation and increase hyperpigmentation. Try to avoid the sun especially from 10 AM to 4 PM. Before you expose to the sun, always apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher. Use noncomedogenic sunscreen to reduce the chance of new pimples.

Even though acne can be frustrating, you can improve acne and embrace your skin with the right care and good products. Improvement always takes time so be patient and your skin will be radiant and healthy than ever.


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